UB guesthouse - a backpacker hostel can arrange for jeep and drivers. You can join expenditions and advertise your own on the UB's message board.

Mongolian capital's UB guesthouse, make a trip to the Gobi Desert seem like a jaunt around your home town.
Their impeccably clean hostel has everything the wandering backpacker needs...

"UB guesthouse" is nice place... a clean dorm room with a Continental breakfast, has an international blended tourist...
sitting in the living room, swapping stories and meeting temporary traveling companions...

Made significantly easier bu miracle workers and hotelier of the UB Guesthouse
In addition to running a clean, comfortable hostel, they facilitate camping, sightseeing, camel riders and tours into the countryside upon request.

Many tanks to UB guesthouse owners in Ulan Bator for their help and guidance throughout this project and for unending support.

Así que en cuanto pude, me alisté en la expedición organizada por UB Guesthouse ...

The owner of the UB guesthouse has plenty of experience in helping backpackers with logistics and trip planning.

Sahibi de bizimle geliyor, bu şaman töreni deneyimini ilk kez yaşamak için bize katılmak istedi.



UB Guesthouse & Tours is Established in 2000, has became one of the leading experts in a short time. We arrange clean and comfortable accommodations, customized and reliable tours all around Mongolia! We operate tours to the spectacular wonders in Mongolia. Our team is ready to help you explore extraordinary beauties of nature and manage the life-long memorable trips.
Please check our wonderful reviews from Adventure Magazine of National Geographic, The New York Times, Washington Post, and many more prestigious sources.
Individuals, companies, a group of students, volunteers, NGOs, specialists… thousands of satisfied customers speak for ourselves!