1. Visa requirements

Please welcome to www.MongoliaVisa.com to know about all information getting Mongolian visa, including type of visa, where to apply, requirement for application, fees and further – you may continue to travel neighboring countries to us. In this regard, information includes about Russian and Chinese visas.

2. Weather

Mongolia is a country of extreme continental climate.

The main travel season is from May to October, however you can visit any time of the year. For most of the year it is very cold, especially during the night. Precipitation is low and sky is usually clear during the wintertime. Once winter is finished, springtime comes. The weather is not pleasant in the spring; it is dusty and harsh. Summer is actually very pleasant; it is not so hot and the rain is minimal. However if rain gets extended, it can cause floods locally. Daylight lasts until 10 PM in the summer time. Autumn is the best season to visit the Gobi desert. Temperature drops below 0 C in October. Then storms come and go quickly.

3. Currency exchange

The basic monetary unit is TUGRUG. Commercial banks, private exchange centers are authorized to exchange foreign currency. There are numbers of ATM cash drawing machines are around our guesthouses, work 24-hour open.

4. Medical services and insurance

Medical.  Prevention is the key to staying healthy while abroad.

Western medicine can be in short supply in Mongolia. Most medicine comes from China and Russia, and the labels won’t be in English, so bring whatever you think you might need from home.

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Insurance. If your health insurance does not cover you for medical expenses abroad, consider supplemental insurance.

Advice. Health care is readily available in Ulaanbaatar, but choose your hospital and doctor carefully. Ordinary Mongolians won’t know the best place to go, but the best advice will come from your embassy.